What are the reasons bubbles in urine is the sign of danger to your health

April 30, 2017Health Standard

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Have you noticed something different while you are urinating? Apparently not so many people observe it, and they are in a rush, but bubbles in urine are a serious problem that needs to deal very soon. We all know that urine normally have the yellow pale and dark amber color and are flat always. There are many reasons from you’re the way you take your regular diet, medications, or due to a disease that can cause a sudden change in its texture of the urine. You can say that if your urine looks like foamy, it could mean that your bladder is either just the urine is hitting on the ground of bathroom is very fast to make those bubbles.


Having few bubbles in the urine is normal unless it won’t hurt you or you feel any changes. In many cases, men and women experience it and totally avoid it, but you have to immediately contact your local doctor to see why they occur now.

With this said that we have now below listed some real facts about what are the reasons bubbles in urine is the sign of danger to your health to help you understand what are the common symptoms of occurring it, are there any causes of it, how you can treat this type of problem, and why you have to take precautions in the first place.

  • What are the common symptoms of occurring it?

Urine can change its appearance once in a while naturally but if its speed it like foamy and it might be the reason you have some disease here some symptoms of it,

1) Fatigue

2) Vomiting

3) Swelling in hands, abdomen, and face

4) Loss of appetite

5) Damaged kidneys

6) Dark colored urine

7) Trouble in sleeping

  • Are there any causes of it?

Whether you are having ‘’small bubbles in urine’’ or bigger this does not make any difference. There are mostly two types of causes of it such as,

  1. A) Typical causes:

Rapid urination

Semen in urine

Toilet cleaner

  1. B) Abnormal causes:

Kidney diseases

Urinary infections


Too much of protein

  • How can you treat this type of problem?

The treatment for the foamy urine entirely depends on your condition because some people become victims of dehydration you have to drink a lot of water, or it can lead to high blood pressure or diabetes or kidney failure. You have to eat a well-balanced diet and do some exercise on a daily basis and eat recommended pills.

  • Why have you to take precautions in the first place?

When you have bubbles in urine, then you have to contact your local doctor right away or visit healthandcaretips.com this can keep you away from getting into more trouble, and you can indeed treat it in time.