Top 5 Indian cricketers Asset Detail

November 3, 2016Cricket Standard

When a celebrity gets fame, people start searching to know more about them. Fans explore their personal life and get every detail they are interested in. Same is in case of cricketer celebrities. Especially in a country where people love cricket more than their national game and assume their utmost cricket icon as sign of god.

Here is detail about five most searched cricket celebrities of India. I am going to share their net worth, including salaries. Let start!

  • Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

43 year old, now retired Master Blaster Indian cricketer is at the top of the list of players, when sorted against their net worth. He is the humblest player of all, having no controversies in the field or outside the field. He never showed anger over wrong decision of umpires, that is the attitude people loved in the legendary player. During his career money and score went hand to hand. He got popularity over his runs making machine like ability. People of the country call him god of cricket. That’s huge reward by the public is all due to his consistency in performance and he never let down his nation in critical situations of the matches. Coming toward assets detail, He has a net worth of $120 million. Before retirement his annual salary was estimated to $20 million. Though he also earned massive money via advertisement roles, leagues and county cricket.

  • Mahendra Singh Dhoni

MsDhoni, the former Captain of Indian cricket for all format, now limited only to the captaincy of a single format. He brought Indian cricket to the peak. He did his best in all of his domains, including captaincy, batting and wicket keeping. Prior to cricket he was a ticket checker at railway. But due to his passion and to do something extraordinary, he continued his sports. In the beginning he took interest in football, there too, he was a goal keeper. That quite similarity in his skill of wicket keeping. Now he has increased his assets to a very huge figure that no one can anticipate about him, when he was merely a ticket checker at railway. But he turned time upside down, he made himself a celebrity. He became some body from no body. His story of success is really motivational and should be given a read. Now coming toward his assets details. MS dhoni net worth is $70 million, according to the sources of thecelebritynetworth. The sources also share his salary that is amount to be $15 million per annum. His estimated, not sure, monthly income is estimated, raise to $25 million per month. That’s a huge figure of dollars he is collecting by playing international cricket, league matches, counties, and also huge amount of his earning source is advertisements.

  • Viratkohli

Aggressive right handed batsman, uttered not only bulk runs, but also his strike rotating ability favors match toward his teams winning situation. His growth from nowhere to somewhere is really overwhelming. He started cricket at the age of 9, joined local club, and played against many local clubs and teams. Whenever he took part in tournaments, his popularity graph went peak to peak. He met opportunities one after the other. But amid of his growing career he lost his father, yet he continued cricket right from the day of his father death. His family passed through very critical financial crises. Then his hard work and consistent performance brought him to the situation, where he has now name and fame. Above all he pulled out his families from all miserable crises and now world renowned him the wonderful player of Indian history. Our resources reported his asset’s total worth of $40 million, while monthly income is figured to $ 0.5 million.