Talks Like an Egyptian | Interested In Studying Abroad

June 27, 2017Education Standard

Now that school is out and the cap and gowns have been put away, many college students are heading to Europe for the traditional trek abroad.  Some will experience “culture shock” for the first time as the find themselves immersed in a country where the signs, menus, billboards and conversations take place in a language that’s not their own.  And when they do open their mouths to speak, they might be met with indifference once the locals catch their American accent.

As popular as an American abroad can be, many people find it extremely difficult to communicate with us and wonder why a nation that’s prides itself as the leader of the world speaks so few of the languages of the world it supposedly leads.  Most Americans would like to learn to speak another language, and many turn to Rosetta Stone to do so.  Their award-winning language learning system has been used by millions who take on the challenge of learning another tongue and you can, too.  In fact, if you search Groupon for money saving deals on Rosetta Stone language systems, you might find a deal that’s just the push you need to go ahead and get started.

Through Groupon, you can grab deals for a free, 3-day trial, 45% off selected courses, or take $100 off a purchase of Rosetta Stone sets.  And they have programs for homeschooling, and audio products so you can use the time during your commute to listen and learn.  Yes, it’s considered harder to learn a foreign language as an adult, but it’s not impossible.  Rosetta Stone has been used by thousands of businesses and non-profits who must navigate political and professional setting and by millions of people eager to make themselves more employable or by those who just want to challenge themselves to learn the mother tongue of their ancestors.

So if you or a member of your family is heading off to Europe, or if you see a need to learn Chinese to broaden your business prospects, start by searching Groupon for a deal on Rosetta Stone products.  You’ll be learning Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, German or Swahili in no time.

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