Getting a Visa for Your Cheap Holiday in the USA

February 11, 2017Travel Standard

If you are looking to go on holiday to the USA, then you will need to arrange a visa before you go. It is the airlines’ responsibility to make sure that you have the proper documentation for the country that you are going to, otherwise the airlines may have to pay to repatriate you. Because of this if you do not have the correct paperwork you will not be allowed to board the flight at all. You will also need to make sure that you have at least six months validity of your passport, as well as the USA along with most other countries may refuse entry if you have less than this. The process of applying for a visa for the USA is a quite straight forward and simple. To find out a list of the requirements and also to get the appropriate application form, you can visit the local embassy or consular website which is closest to your home. You will be able to find plenty of websites available which can assist you with the process and they also offer a wealth of information regards visiting the USA.

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Applying Online

There are a number of visa waiver countries that can travel to the USA and stay for up to 90 days without having to apply for a visa.

  • Italy
  • UK
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Japan
  • Spain

There are around 37 countries enjoying this status with the USA but even if you are from one of these countries you will still need to speak to someone at the US Embassy or Consulate before you travel. This is part of the ESTA program, Electronic System for Travel Authorization. You will still need to download a form and pay a processing fee for this visa free entitlement, but the process is quite simple, and it can be done online and via mail as well as visiting the embassy in person. The ESTA program was brought about in 1986 to promote better relations with the allies of the USA and ease travel limitations for visiting tourists from the countries which participate in this program. For people who qualify for this status, then you can get up to 90 days n the country without applying for a visa. You still need to fill out the application form and pay the fee for the visa waiver, the benefit of this scheme is that there is less documentation to submit, and you also do not need to do an interview. You should make sure that you apply for this in plenty of time before you go on your cheap holiday to the USA.

Visiting the Embassy

If you do not have access to a computer and a printer to get the forms printed off, you can also visit the embassy or consulate that is closest to you. If you are from a country where you will need to apply for a visa, then you will need to fill out all of the relevant information in the application form and also supply the requested documentation. When this is already you will also need to make an appointment to apply for your visa in person. This is a pretty simple process, and you will be interviewed regards the purpose of your visit and the length of your stay. With all of the formalities taken care of your visa and passport will be left to be processed. You will then get your passport back, usually within a couple of working days, and this will usually be sent to you via registered mail. As long as your application was successful, then you will see a visa printed in your passport, normally allowing you to stay for up to 90 days and the visa is usually valid for around 6 months. It is always advised that you apply for your visa first before booking any travel plans, just in case there is an issue with getting a visa. Once you have the visa, then you can look to book your cheap holiday abroad and get yourself set to have a wonderful holiday.