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Finland National Animal

Many countries have chosen this or that animal or bird as the national emblem. Well known for its intimate connection with nature, Finland has come under the sign of seven national symbols referring to nature, including a fish, a tree, a national insect and even a Finland national animal. Moreover, the country celebrates every year the last weekend of August the Finnish Nature Day.

The seven beautiful symbols of Finnish nature received their status after a series of public polls in the 1980s and 1990s, resulting in tens of thousands of votes cast by mail not yet to the online polls and instant results we are used to today.

national animal

“The explanation of the many symbols of our nature that we have is perhaps due to the fact that Finns are much attached to nature, as indicated by the massive migration of the population during the holidays. Summer, where city dwellers hasten to leave the cities to return to their rural roots, “explains Terho Poutanen, formerly communications officer at the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation. It was the same association that had organized a number of votes on the national symbols with the population, an operation carried out at the time with the help of scientific stakeholders, private companies and the media.

“Our seven national emblems are linked in many interesting ways to Finnish mythology, traditions and popular culture,” he says. Many of these emblems are also proudly stamped by the Finnish Post or have been included in the logo of companies and other organizations in the country, as they have long appeared on the banknotes and coins in Finnish marks in circulation before the adoption of the euro.

Poutanen explains that these public consultations were also aimed at increasing interest in nature conservation among the Finns of today, urbanized in their vast majority, by awakening their sensitivity to the existence of extraordinary species. Animal or plant that they sometimes live with every day while they may be endangered.

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