Difference between a Minister and a Minister of State

August 23, 2017Politics Standard

The Governments probably have twenty-two members, three of whom have the status of “Minister of State”. This difference is not only protocol. Minister or Minister of State what is the difference between both? The government of Édouard Philippe has three ministers of state: Gérard Collomb (Minister of the Interior), Nicolas Hulot (Ecological Transition and Solidarity), and François Bayrou.


In France, under the Fifth Republic, this title makes it possible to mark the pre-eminence of the one who bears the ministry within the government. It is placed protocolarily after the Prime Minister and before all the other ministers.

“Deputy Prime Ministers”

A minister of state can organize inter-ministerial meetings, which is a prerogative normally reserved for the Prime Minister.

The title Minister of State can be assigned to signify that the action of his ministry is considered a government priority. There may be several ministers of state within the same government. They are regularly compared to “Deputy Prime Ministers”. The title of Minister of State assigned to Nicolas Hulot is thus a strong signal, which had to play to convince the interested party to accept the post. Now it should be clear in your mind what the difference between Minister and Minister of state is.