Country Porch Home Decor

Country Curtains – Things to Consider

November 11, 2016Home Standard

There are quite a few things that you have to take into account if you want to achieve that traditional country style home décor. While a lot of people would prefer something more contemporary, the truth is that country styling is perfect for your vacation house or for your retiring real estate. It brings a significant amount of comfort and convenience, and it gets you away from the dynamic world of the big city. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the things that you need to consider.

Country Porch Home Decor

Country Style Curtains

This is something that’s going to massively contribute for the overall country appeal of your home. You need to ensure that the country curtains that you purchase from Country Porch Home Decor are in a perfect resonance with the overall interior design of your country house. This is a lot easier said than done because there are quite a few different things that you’d have to consider – combining colors, taking into account furniture and so forth.

This is why we’ve taken the liberty of providing you with a, particularly appropriate choice. So, let’s take a look at this great suggestion by Carrington.

Carrington Curtain Panels

It doesn’t get more country than this if we have to be completely honest. The panels are made out of a single piece of fabric which is machine stitched. The color is solid brown, and it develops a perfect old-time appeal which is something particularly characteristic of a traditional décor. Furthermore, the panels are lined with white cotton, and they have a scalloped edge with tassels in order to complement the overall appeal.


As far as the specifications go, the products are tailored in India which is a great destination for fabrics and textile industry. The overall curtain panel set includes two separate panels which have matching tie backs. Each one of the panels has a length of 84 inches and a width of 40 inches. They weight about 2.76 pounds and are made entirely out of cotton, making them soft upon touching.

Furthermore, the units are machine washable in cold water. You have to pay attention to the colors that you throw them in the machine with, making sure that they are relatively the same. You can iron the curtain panels if you need and you should refrain from using chlorine bleach unless you want to get them lighter in a short period of time. These are definitely a great choice for your country style décor.