Boxing gloves

August 4, 2017sports Standard

It has been an interesting experience to paint these gloves. I spent several days looking for some old gloves that have been with me since I came back from living in the Philippines. They have gone from house to house always by my side (as my brother David says: “they are his second skin”), and when I put my hands on them I cannot find them. And it’s a shame because, in addition to being always close, I used them in my brief passage through the world of boxing, by the hand of my great friend Paul V, and wanted to paint the texture, the touch and the smell they have.¬†boxhandschuhe

So I searched the internet for pictures of gloves that could serve as a reference, but I could not find any that fit what I wanted: the positions of gloves, light or background … Finally, I found a glove that I liked ( Although the light I had does not look anything like those of painting) I immediately went to painting, and began the learning phase: to draw a new glove in position and light that interested me, without having a model O Photo to the front, taking as reference the other of which had a photo.

And taking out as the lights and shadows should be, was not easy, considering that the acrylic does not give me installations, because most of the time is transparent … And in the end I enjoyed painting them (Actually what more Is enjoyed with the cracks in the wall; -D) and have not taken too long. I have used a rather reduced palette (white, cadmium yellow, light ocher, roasted tan, cobalt blue and black) and has been quite toned. for more information visit¬†