4 Innovative ideas to promote business on social media

The simple collection projects that should generate creative ideas to help promote social media use in a small businesses today.


About 1 billion people visit Facebook every day. Spread the word about your event regularly on Facebook. For special events, you can run an ad on Facebook and to specific demographics. Although there account can be expensive with Facebook ads and you really need to know what you’re doing, otherwise you quickly run your bill without obtaining the desired results. Share with Facebook and similar features, an entirely new network opens new customers.

Promo video

Studies have shown that people are more likely to buy a product if they see a video. So it makes sense to create special promotions Social Media Video for your event. When your promotional video that you want your audience an idea of what to expect to make your event. Thread latest video clips similar events that show people having fun and highlighting the key points of their marketing events. Note, however, time constraints of the social media services they use. One way to handle this through various platforms is to create a full-length video for long-form platforms like YouTube and Vimo, and edit videos according to platforms abbreviated Vine and Instagram.


One of the platforms most commonly used by celebrities, businesses and individuals, Twitter is one of the best ways to promote your business. Twitter is also very easy to reach a large database of people around. It connects to so you can connect with thousands of people. Top special evenings, special price or just dedications to those who have served to give most of the different events. You can promote your links for websites, applications and anything else you want to share.


Meet-up provides a fun and unique way to promote your event. Enjoy the interest centered formatted, create and meet new all the different points of your sales event. EDM do a special DJ? Create a “EDM lovers” meet-up. Go for a theme for your event? Create a “nightlife Theme parties” meet-up. Place a follow-up to your other social media pages and look come rolling submissions.

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