3 Methods To Make Valentine’s cards

It is always good to give a card on Valentine’s Day, but giving a homemade one is even better! Here are a few ideas for you to start. Go to the bottom of the page so you know what things you will need.

Method 01

Happy Valentine’s Day Cards with heart shape

  • Cut a large red heart to make it the main part of the card.
  • Cut a large white heart that is a little smaller than the first you cut.
  • Fold a piece of cardboard in half lengthwise.
  • Cut half a heart freehand or use a template.
  • Unfold both hearts and paste white into red.
  • Decorate the card the way you like most.

Method 02

Reused card

  • Take out the Valentine card you received last year or buy some old cards and cut the figures.
  • Glue the figures on cardboard leaving an edge.
  • Add some paint and fabric to your design.

Method 03

Collage card

  • Cut images (couples, hearts, etc. ) and words (love, special, be mine, etc.) related to Valentine’s Day, and get photos of you with that special person. Then, paste everything on a leaf with a heart shape making a collage.
  • Use pieces of cloth to obtain a mosaic / textile card.
  • Use internet clip art or the pages of a Valentine themed coloring book.


  • Some stores sell packages with everything you need to make your own Valentine’s card. Normally, they include red, white and pink paper for the card as well as adhesive labels.
  • Put a “little bit of you” on the card.
  • Make sure you fill out the card. Do not just put “Happy Valentine! Sincerely, your name “unless you are going to give the card to someone you do not really know.
  • Try to paint with your fingers, draw or make something by hand so that your card gets a special and unique design.


  • If you do not try to make the card, people will think that you are only trying to save money by doing it yourself, so be strong and take some time!
  • If you plan to make the card reused, do not give it to the same person who gave you the old card, unless you know that it will not be uncomfortable or if that person has done it before.

Things you will need

  • Kit for homemade card.
  • Card with heart shape: cardboard, scissors and decoration items.
  • Reused card: glue, paint or fabric, cardboard, scissors and old Valentine cards.
  • Collage card: images related to Valentine’s Day (magazines, internet, etc.) and glue.